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Here’s how you can support us

The expenses of a travel vlogger are not only with the act of travelling itself. Besides spending money on food, accommodation, health insurance, flights and other types of transportation we have many other expenses. With camera gear & drone, video and photo editing software, physical and online file storage, internet service, copyright free music, traveling gear like special cases and backpacks, etc. We have to pay for all of that in order to continue making cool videos for our audience.
We work online jobs to support our travels as we go. We create content to share our adventures and help to show others how travel (even on a low budget) is possible. We really hope that you find our content on our YouTube channel and on Instagram helpful and interesting. If you appreciate our work and would like to support us, below are some ways you can do so. 

How you can support us

If you’d like to help support our channels efforts we’d really appreciate you considering joining us on Patreon, it’s a great way to help small creators, like leaving a tip to help us keep going. 


  • Subscribe to our YouTube Channel watch and like our videos and don’t skip the ads. Youtube pays us a small amount of money for the adds watched in our videos so if you always watch them it’s already a big help!

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Another way you can support is by joining our Patreon